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Sample: Free speech is in trouble by Nate Silver

Source: Free speech is in trouble

Raising the Bar

There's a renaissance of which quality long-form writing on the internet with the rise of platforms like Substack.

Lots of people are interested in consuming this writing in audio form. However, it's a lot of work for publishers to narrate their work and publish it as a podcast.

Readbox brings this high quality content to your podcast player.

Supporting Creators

Readbox lets users consume their favorite content in a way that fits their lifestyle. We believe this helps creators reach new audiences and increase the value of their work.

We care deeply about creators and their rights. Content converted by Readbox is always attributed to the original creator and never publicly distributed. Each user's feed is private and only accessible by them.

Open Standards

We love the open internet and so we built Readbox on open standards. You can submit content via email and listen to it in your favorite podcast player.

User's feeds are powered by RSS. This makes them compatible with most existing podcast players, including:

Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts


Pocket Casts

Many more

Spotify doesn't support RSS, but our integration is coming soon. You can also listen to your feed on the Readbox website.

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